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MASCOT is a 9-day English camp for active young Ukrainians which is held in Ternopil where we discover talents of our campers through extracurricular activities in music, theater and rhythm, develop their teamwork skills and expand their knowledge in public speaking, project management, conflict management, etc. by using methods of non-formal education.



participation fee covers only the costs of meals, other is provided by grants or our sponsors


we are in love with what we do that`s why we can afford ourselves to work for free


we do believe that young Ukrainians should be fluent in foreign language and we are ready to work on this aspect

Who MASCOT works for?

MASCOT is aimed at active young Ukrainian aged 14-20 who are interested in developing skills in teamwork and personal leadership skills, taking information about creating their own social projects in, regardless of their social, economic status or religion.


60 participants

All over Ukraine

From 14 to 20 years old

Why does MASCOT work?

The aim of MASCOT is to create an enabling environment in Ternopil in order to familiarize Ukrainian active youth with existing social problems of our society (escalation of conflicts, social isolation, violence and inequality) for further decision-making.


Non-formal education in action

Social projects for Ternopil and other Ukrainian cities

New amazing friends who are going to change lives

Directors of Camp MASCOT 2019

Diana Repenko

Тy Smith

Our staff 2018


I am very pleased that I was a part of this camp! It changed my outlook on life, made me self-confident and more active person!

Eva Zagoruiko

MASCOT for me is a place where I discovered a great number of wonderful people, a place that in 9 days became dear to my heart.

Kateryna Kozlova

First of all, MASCOT gave me new friends (and not merely boilerplate expression, I really found a like-minded friends), deprived me of many complexes to account myself, and broadened my outlook.

Denis Boyechko

MASCOT provided an unforgettable experience every time I have been there � as a camper, as a staff, as a director. It showed me, that there is so much more in life, the opportunities are truly endless.

Jane Budaragina

People in the camp MASCOT are incredible. They are all so special. Each one has a hobby, each one is a leader! We do create a different atmosphere which cannot be found anywhere else! MASCOT is like an island where live the best people!

Diana Yudova

Participation in MASCOT gave even more than 10 best days of summer, 70 best people and 20 interesting lectures. MASCOT gave me a great motivation - motivation to change society in which you are living

Illya Hryzhenku

MASCOT is something that will stay with you forever. Once you are a camper, you will be a camper forever.

Olena Shevchenko

Currently I share my whole life into two periods: before and after the MASCOT. My world turned upside down in one week.

Elena Pokotilo

While coming to camp MASCOT I was ready for crazy emotions, new knowledge and meeting people who are insanely passionate about what they're doing and I got all of it! So if you are looking for a place where every new day you will feel yourself the happiest person in the world - you've definitely just found one.

Elena Shakhova

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